About Us

The Cosmopolitan Hotels were born from the idea of bringing together people from a multi cultural hot pot into a common place and connecting them, very much like a city. It grew from the idea of how when we travel in trains we strike up a conversation with our fellow passengers. It could be anything - from the weather, to politics, movies to food. Sometimes entire conversations flow even without exchange of names.


The culture of connecting with people in the physical world is slowly waning. We at Cosmopolitan Hotels aim to foster and reignite the charm of meeting different people on one's sojourns. People have an instinct about whom they would like to interact with and whom they don't, but in today's busy world, this opportunity of interaction and meeting new people is there only when one is travelling. Cosmopolitan would like our guests to make the most of it by creating the social environment. Our Hotel lobbies are designed to be casual, quirky and laid back. The sophistication of a premium Hotel is not there but the easy going atmosphere of a homely cafe is provided at the lobby itself.


Our restaurants are all having projectors and screens to bring together people over sports, music and any other performances. Common interests often help people break the ice and connect more easily. 


We at the same time respect each individual's privacy and need to be focused on their own work/activity. Hence we take your request to connect or be alone right at the time of check in itself. We accordingly involve you or not in our social cafe evenings. 




All of our hotels are located right in the heart of the city, minutes away from the railway station, and close to tourist and business hubs.

Comfortable cloud bed

Have a good night's sleep on our super comfortable 5 star cloud beds

Rain shower

Start your day with a long hot powerful shower. In all our bathrooms you’ll find Rain showers head that you will love.

lavish breakfast buffet

Start your day with a wholesome meal. Wide spread, and great taste.


In-room dining

Enjoy your meals in bed with our in-room dining facility

warm & cozy lounge

Relax/ work/ interact at our feel-good lounge cum lobby area.

Complimentary Services

  • high-speed Wifi 24*7,

  • packaged drinking water,

  • tea/coffee amenities,

  • dental kit/shaving kit,

  • buffet breakfast,

  • daily newspaper


Take advantage of our superb location. Explore, the heart of city with having to travel the extra mile.



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